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Things To Consider When Hiring A Personal Accountant

Many Entrepreneurs and Business Owners feel it is unnecessary to hire a personal accountant when beginning their journey into the starting a money-making scheme or a corporation. But as the time passes, it becomes clear to them that personal accountant services for taxes or financial management is becoming increasingly evident.

The growth of a scheme, or a business not only increases your profit margins, but also the need for documentation, accounting, record keeping and tax filing. Your business keeps getting diverse and your services more diverse.

If you remain stubborn and maintain that you can do all the work by yourself, it becomes time consuming, which could have been better spent doing something more productive. It becomes more stressful, as the needs for qualification for increasingly complex calculations and analysis is just not in your repertoire.

It becomes confusing when you realize you are mixing up terminologies, laws, regulations, state requirements and federal requirements.

A personal accountant for tax can give you specialized advice and tips to handle such situation better. They can help you in significant way if you are facing situations such as filing back taxes, paying off a tax debt or facing an IRS audit.

You must take following points into consideration when hiring a personal accountant for taxes or financial health;

Necessary Qualifying Attributes

  • Your personal accountant must have experience dealing with situations similar to your own.
  • Referrals and recommendations by your family, friends, business partners, financial advisors and attorneys must be taken into consideration.
  • Be wary of an accountant which promises big refunds and other rewards without even analyzing your personal financial situation properly.
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  • Check the licenses and designations they have.
  • Consider their experience and previous clientele.
  • Ensure their specialty matched your problem.
  • Certify that the fees of your potential personal accountant for tax are affordable for you.
  • Read their privacy policy carefully and ensure they do not share your financial or tax information with a third party without your consent.

Personal Accountant vs. Retail Franchises

A retail franchise, such as, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service offer competent tax service if you want to file a pretty straightforward tax return.

However, if you require a deeper analysis, or your personal finances are too diverse, or your business corporation is too large, then it is better to hire a personal accountant which can pay full attention to your business and bring it to glory.

There will be no confusions, there will be excuses and there will be no missing deadlines just because your accountant had more accounts to handle than he or she could.

Types of Tax Professionals

It is better to choose a personal tax accountant which suits you best. Following are their types;

  • Enrolled Agent, or and EA, is the best for complex tax situations. They can be a competent representative against IRS for an audit.
  • Certified Public Account, or a CPA, is a specialist in accounting. They are licensed by state and are competent in handling all forms of tax related accounting.
  • Tax Attorneys specialize in tax laws. They are best at legal matters and can represent you in Tax Court.

Assurance of Lowering Your Tax Bill

After the personal tax accountant has done analysis of your files and records, you must ask them if they are capable of lowering your tax bill, since it should be your most important requirement. Also ensure that the cut from tax bills exceed the fees of your personal tax accountant, otherwise there is no point in all this struggle.

Specialist for You

Any personal tax accountant can do solve the general problems you may face. But if a specialized situation may develop, it is better if you call around the tax offices to find an accountant who specializes in dealing with situations similar to your own.

It is not that a regular personal accountant won’t be able to provide you with good enough service, but a specialist will take less time, less resources and even create better outcome for you in the area of his or her specialty.


Client Accounting Service (CAS) is a new way of accounting services, which has given way to innovative services; of which, Personal Accounting is but a part of.

The client specific benefits of personal accounting services are a novel and an efficient idea which allows the service user to tailor cut the general service list into one which suits their own personal needs, while eliminating the useless ones.

It affords the clients a chance to grow in a way they have never grown before. The efficiency of a business owner, their service, their customer satisfaction, their record keeping, their tax paying efficiency; everything reaches new heights in efficiency. Thus, it makes the overall business far more profitable than before.

SG Inc CPA provides the services of Personal Tax Accountant in Dallas, Texas. It can fulfill all the above- mentioned characteristics, considerations and requirements you may have when you feel the need to hire a personal tax accountant.

We work to maintain our superiority in the market with our ability to adapt to changing times and developing technologies. You will also find our charges far more reasonable than the market.

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