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The Effective and Highly Sought-After Sales Tax Audit Services

SG INC CPA is a corporation that provides many sought-after services to its clients. They include, but not limited to, Sales Tax Audit Services and Representation. We can provide you with proper Sales Tax Audit Defense and Support.

Many companies and individuals take a risk by managing a Sales Tax Audit by themselves. This is neither an easy, nor a recommended course of action. You might not have all the pre-requisites. It could also prove to be disastrous if you are not familiar with the relevant taxation laws. You might inadvertently incur significant amounts in penalties and fines because you lack certain knowledge. SG INC CPA has a team of professionals dedicated to this line of work. We have the experience and cultivated mindset to tackle such issues. Our experience encompasses decades. We have a long list of satisfied customers. This is a testament to our dedication and expertise.

You Can Trust Our Sales Tax Audit Services

We can work on your behalf when dealing with the IRS. Allow us to negotiate settlements, penalties, compensations and even amnesties on your behalf.

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Generally, the Sales Tax Audit is triggered by the lack of documentation. SG INC CPA provides Sales Tax Preparation and Filing Service with complete and accurate documents to circumvent this issue completely. It allows the state auditors to eliminate the possibility of willful errors while filing for taxes.

Various Interesting Facets of Our Sales Tax Audit Services

  • It is our responsibility to complete every transaction in compliance with the law.
  • Over payments are identified in the Audit. A suitable refund plan is made and implemented.
  • A Sales Tax Audit Defense plan is presented to the client to defend them against an Audit.
  • Any fluctuations in the yearly tax payments are recorded and calculated. Predictions for the future are made based off these fluctuations.
  • Strong case for a Sales Tax Audit Appeal is built.
  • All information between the client and the state is managed in a presentable manner.
  • Accurate and comprehensive responses by the client and the state are encouraged.
  • The accurate taxability of the clients is calculated to discourage any chances of cheating.
  • The laws and regulations are regularly monitored for any changes.
  • All business transactions are assessed to ensure nothing goes missing.
  • We ensure our clients pay fair amount in Taxes.
  • Meetings with dispute resolution officers, auditors and attorneys are set on the client’s behalf.
  • All valid and possible exemptions are exploited.

Sales Tax Audit

We can provide excellent Audit Defense and Support Services. We aim to reduce your organization’s liabilities and show it in the best light possible.



Formerly, we had our Sales Tax Audit with one of the so-called ‘Big Four’ accounting firms. Unfortunately, we were not getting the attention and service we needed. Making a switch to SG INC CPA was like night and day. We are not only getting same degree of competence and experience, but also much higher level of service. Their rates are more reasonable as well.


Working with Asim is a pleasure for me. He makes Sales Tax Audits quite simple when compared to what we went through the same with a larger national firm. The national firm used our audit as training for inexperienced staff. It was a disaster for us. Asim shows professionalism and does remarkable work.


I requested that the last three years of my tax returns be provided to me from SG INC CPA, when my company had to undergo Sales Tax Audit. They did not waste any time and gave me the complete records at no charge within 15 minutes. Their organization of data is simply marvelous. My task was done without any issue because of their vigilance and ingenuity.

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