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Tax Preparation Services

SG INC CPA boasts a very extensive experience and track record in the field of Tax Preparation Services. We have a plethora of professional and certified tax preparation experts in dallas texas. Tax time is generally considered a very tedious affair. However, we can make such time a breeze for you with our superior knowledge and dedication.

Excellence of Our Tax Preparation Firm

Filing out various forms and filing tax documents is very stressful without proper knowledge of the field. You can make mistakes that can cost you dearly in time and money. That is why we humbly offer our services, so you do not have to it all by your own lonesome. SG INC CPA can easily offer its Tax Preparation Services to individual citizens, as well as small to large businesses.

Tax Preparation Services for Individuals and Small Businesses

Our services include;

  • Tax preparation for businesses; Corporate, LLC, Partnerships etc.
  • Tax preparation for multi-state businesses
  • Individual citizens tax return
  • Estate tax returns
  • Form-990 tax preparation for nonprofit organizations
  • Expatriate tax preparation and FBAR filing
  • Rapid tax refund services with E-file

Income Tax Preparation and Planning

Income Tax Preparation is the most essential part of Tax Planning Services. SG INC CPA offers lucrative opportunities to acquire outstanding tax preparation at very affordable rates. Not only that, we offer you the chance to form an extremely profitable financial plan. We represent a standard that is the best among tax preparation firms in Texas market.

Corporate Tax Preparation

SG INC CPA offers Tax Preparation Services for all types of corporate enterprises. It does not matter if your business is located in a single local location, or it operates in multiple States. We endeavor to work hard, so your corporation will realize higher profits.

Maximizing Tax Deductions

  1. For Businesses

It takes a certain level of craftiness and ingenuity to make the most out of a tax season. There are many ways of avoiding over, or under-payments of taxes. Corporate tax preparation requires careful use of deductions.

Our highly experienced tax preparers can ensure your full compliance with the various tax regulations, in minimal expenses. There are many complicated sets of deductions available in different fields. We can help your business in making sense of that, along with taking maximum advantage of it.

  1. For Individuals

Individual tax clients can also benefit from the deductions. We can help them walk through itemized deductions for many personal purposes, such as;

  • Applicable Losses
  • Charity or Donations
  • Education Credits
  • Other common tax deductions for individual tax payers and families.

Filing for Amends in Prior Tax Returns

It is entirely possible for you to make a mistake on a previous tax return filing. You can even miss out on an opportunity for a deduction. Such mistakes are often made in haste or ignorance. Luckily, the IRS offers an opportunity. You can update, amend and refile your prior year tax paperwork during a brief window.

Such process is not easy to navigate without assistance from a dedicated professional. We can help you amend and file your previous year paperwork. Contact us to receive maximum advantages possible.

Electronic Tax Filing

Electronic tax filing allows you to take advantage of the incredible speed and convenience of internet. You do not have to waste time in lines. Your paperwork will not suddenly have a few documents missing due to chaotic nature of such large government agencies. It is speedy, and incredibly convenient. SG INC CPA can help you utilize this wonderful resource at your disposal.

Advanced Tax Preparation Software

We make use of a state of the art, professional software for tax preparation to increase accuracy and efficiency. All your tax returns are automatically double checked for errors. All electronic and software-based services are extremely dependable. We can ensure you that all your tax returns will be filed in a timely, accurate and efficient manner. All such filings will be done in compliance with the tax code.

The Best Tax Preparation Service in Texas

SG INC CPA has experience in offering the businesses and individual the Best Tax Preparation Services in Texas. Moreover, we are accomplished in many other fields; such as bookkeeping, accounting, and many more outsourced services. allow is to resolve complicated deductions for you within the limited deadlines. Schedule a tax preparation meeting with a tax specialist or a CPA for free. We guarantee you will pay less than average cost of tax preparation by an independent CPA.


We can be your reliable partner as a bookkeeper, accountant and business advisor to deliver you a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services.



I went to SG INC CPA for Accounting for Income Taxes needs. It was advertised as an all stop shop. Originally, I thought it was merely a marketing campaign. But they did complete all my requirements. Their boasts are not empty. Their employees are all knowledgeable in their chosen fields. This mastery allows them to complete all the work given to them within expected deadlines and expectations


I am very happy with the services I received at SG INC CPA. Asim provided me with specialized services to fulfill all my requirements. He and his team managed the Accounting for Income Taxes service for me. They did my accounting, as well as management. I have personally vouched for Asim to several of my colleagues and acquaintances. Every one whom I have referred to him is also very happy with the services they receive.


While working with them, I have realized that I am in good hands. When I opened my small pizza franchise, I used to do all Accounting for Income Taxes by myself. It was a tedious process and gradually became harder for me since I have never had any formal training in it. At a friend’s advice I directed all my accounting work towards them. They proved my apprehension was for nothing.

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