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Taxation Services

Why Do You Need Tax Preparation Services?

If you want your tax returns to be accurate, SG INC CPA is the trusted business tax preparation Service in Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas, and the Bay Area of California. We prudently cater to your tax documentation needs with our expert tax preparation services. Whether you go with State tax liability or IRS audit, our professional tax preparatory assistance provides a full-length business tax audit and submission services.

For over a decade, SG INC CPA has provided tax preparation services in Texas. Accepting demands beyond the State, we expanded our professional tax assistance to the state of California. Our team takes pride in serving thousands of satisfied and repeat clients in the States. We have certified and experienced CPAs and tax coach who do tax preparation for your company and can represent you during audits.

For tax filing, you must precisely prepare your taxes by completing all the documents and legal requirements by the State and the IRS. Our professionals provide extensive services from tax preparation to tax filing and make your tax returns accurate and easy to understand.

What Does SG INC CPA Offer In Its Tax Preparation?

Preparing tax returns is crucial for both individuals and corporates for their prosperous financial future. You can visit us for a comprehensive overview and discussion. For tax preparation, we offer the following services.

Individual Tax Services

Our globally acknowledged team provides first-rate Small Business Tax Preparation in Dallas to individuals. In our tax services, we also established our wing at Plano. Our qualified team of tax professionals at SG INC CPA focuses on clients’ income, donations, qualifying deductions, and investment losses and gains. We focus on every aspect of your personal taxes and provide you with our precious guidance to save money and time. 

We take responsibility for the following affordable tax services under the individual tax category. 

  • Tax payment calculations
  • Estimate or calculate tax returns
  • Estimate liabilities, expenses, and deductibles 
  • Tax preparation and reporting (quarterly and annually)
  • Complete tax documentation for clients
  • Review tax preparation reports and make required changes 
  • Detailed discussion and answering of the client’s financial queries

Corporate Tax Preparation Services

Business owners have a lot more responsibilities in tax filing than individual citizens. So, we have established our tax firm in Dallas, TX, with the best corporate tax preparation services. Ensuring proper compliance is the most important among them. Moreover, every industry has its own standards and rules.

SG INC CPA offers tax preparation services to all businesses in Dallas, Texas. We work to maximize the deductions for you while ensuring the best quick tax returns abiding by complete compliance with the legal code. We offer our expert tax services throughout the year so you can get a head start on your tax preparation services. Due diligence on your part will save you even more money.

We offer many services, such as:

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Business Licensing
  • Virtual CFO
  • Audit

Nonprofit Tax Services

Nonprofit organizations have different tax needs than profit organizations (NGOs). SG INC CPA’s specialized services aim to minimize tax liabilities to maximize nonprofit tax returns to not-for-profit welfare organizations. Our experts can handle all your IRS charity searches by giving you the following nonprofit tax services in Dallas, Texas. 

  • Calculations of public support test
  • Tax analysis for private organizations
  • Comprehensive and strategic tax planning
  • Extensive research on tax implications
  • Employee benefits and pension planning
  • 990 form completion 
  • Organizational tax structure consultation

Trust Tax Services

Managing trust taxes in today’s highly regulatory world is complicated and tricky. Working in taxation for over a decade, we are the most trustworthy trust tax service providers in Dallas, TX. We have also built trusted relations with businesses and entrepreneurs in California. 

Our expert advice on trust, estate, and gift-related taxation aids in building more tax credits at the end of the year. We take responsibility for the following tax services for trusts. 

  • Cost management for your trust tax responsibility
  • Works according to the current tax laws and focuses on the changing tax requirements
  • Effective strategies to reduce the penalties and mistakes for non-compliance 
  • Utilize innovative technologies and a robust framework to plan and prepare your taxes.

Documents Required for Tax Preparation

Proper and complete documentation is necessary for tax preparation and filing. It doesn’t matter which business type or income source; you must provide the following documents to your tax preparer for the tax returns.

  • Your identification documents
  • Social security documents
  • Your income statements
  • Tax forms that are used to report other types of income
  • Tax deduction reports/records
  • Receipts of your expenses

Tax Preparation Process at SG INC CPA

Although the tax preparatory process is a tricky and complicated one, we make it simple for our clients as they only must do something other than provide us with the necessary documents and then review the final tax return reports prepared by us.
Here is a brief of the process of tax preparation that we follow.

Receiving Scanned Documents

The tax preparation procedure in the US begins when a client sends us the required scanned documents necessary for preparing taxes. Once we receive the relevant documents, we will enter the data into our tax software. 

Audit of Tax Return

After entering all the relevant tax data into the software, our tax professionals in Dallas will audit the tax return to ensure the information is correct and precise. Likewise, in our California Auditing, the tax return helps us to avoid wrong computations. 

Review of the Tax Return

After the successful audit of tax returns by our experts, we send the auditing report to the client. The client has to review the tax return report, and in case of any issue, he can openly discuss and point it out with our tax preparer.

Final Submission after Review

When clients request changes, we submit the tax return report again after correcting and updating the report as required. The final copy is sent to the clients after approval for tax filing with the concerned authority.

These services are not just for Texas; we also provide tax preparation services in Dallas and other US states. 

Why Tax Preparation from SG INC CPA?

SG INC CPA is the first pick for business tax preparation services by clients in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas and the Bay Area of California. Along with the most economical services, we also offer you the following benefits if you get our business tax preparation services. 

  • Our experts maximize your tax credits and tax breaks
  • We maximize small and qualified business income deduction
  • Alternative minimum tax planning and forecasting
  • We provide year-round tax support
  • Quick and professional responses to the IRS notices
  • Financial projection and budgeting with maximum tax options
  • Most economical tax planning and preparation services in Dallas and Texas
Taxation Services

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