Accounting services


Do you want to plan out your business future? Get our priceless accounting services to track your company’s financial activities, plan a victorious future, and allocate funds for them. SG Inc CPA’s accounting services ensure statutory compliance while keeping track of income and expenses. 

In order to assist you in setting up your small businesses and startups, SG Inc CPA offers its most professional and affordable accounting services in Texas and California. Our skilled team works devotedly for our clients to give them the services they require at fair prices.

Before deciding on the final service setup, our team believes in having a thorough discussion and considering the client’s perspective. We aim to help you in any way we can while maximizing your return on investment.

Which Benefits SG Inc CPA Offers to the Clients?

The clients receive precise monthly financial reports from SG Inc CPA’s competent accounting services so they may manage their businesses effectively. By utilizing our expert services, you may also determine your prospects for tax savings. You will receive the following benefits if you choose our accounting services.

  • Financial statements after reviewing and compilation
  • Expert budget analysis
  • Income tax preparation, consultation, and planning
  • Internal controls evaluation
  • Bill payment services
  • New accounting software implementation
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Economic forecasts and cash flow estimates

SG Inc CPA provides all of the services mentioned above under the category of accounting services. We firmly believe that we are the only company that can provide you with the most professional accounting services for small businesses and established enterprises on an affordable budget.

What Includes in Our Accounting Services?

As accounting services can be of various kinds, we provide the following diversified accounting services according to the needs of every business. 

Accounts Payable

Our accounting firm provides account payable services and ensures that payments don’t get duplicated and miscalculated. Our expert accountants offer solutions to manage expenditures, financial transactions, and related documents.

Accounts Receivable

Alongside accounts payable, we also offer accounts receivable services that help your startups and medium-sized businesses to improve their collection rate. Our experts reduce your payment waiting time through their experienced advice and also work on accurate invoicing.

Bank Reconciliation

Through bank reconciliations, we keep our customers away from fraud. We do so by matching the transactions mentioned in your accounting books to the bank statements. If we find any missed or wrong transactions, we correct and update them promptly.

Payroll Processing

Our payroll accounting services ensure that your employees will get paid timely and keep a record of the payrolls through an automatic system. Our payroll services include reporting employees’ taxes, tracking their leaving and entering time, and reporting the entire payroll process.


SG Inc CPA’s bookkeeping service is one of the most famous accounting services in Plano and Dallas, Texas. This service mainly focuses on financial transactions and records of income and expenditures regularly. We also offer our services in Milpitas, California. 

Accounting Audit

To prepare for any audit, we offer our clients the services of our most experienced auditors. Our financial statement audit evaluates your company’s financial records and ensures their accuracy and fairness. We work with top-class auditors so our clients can get the best accounting services. 

Tax Accounting 

Our tax accounting service provides the ultimate solutions to reduce your business taxes fairly. We address errors and concerns and then suggest the accurate measures you should take to lower your taxes. We should be your top pick if you want a stress-free taxation service for your business.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting provides an up-to-date record of the company’s current financial status. We keep and maintain a record of your company’s inputs and outputs and ensure accuracy in accounting reports by double-checking at every step. 

Get the Best Accounting Services at Economical Prices!

We take strategic measures to make our clients’ business grows faster and smarter through our invaluable accounting services. If you want to get your firm’s finest accounting and finance services, we offer you our expert services at the most reasonable prices you have ever imagined. Your satisfaction is our priority!