Taxation Services

Best Tax Services in Plano, TX

Tax planning, preparation, and filing are challenging tasks that not everyone can master. Even the smallest tax mistake can result in losses so great that they cannot be at anyway advantageous to you. Therefore, SG Inc CPA offers you priceless guidance on your tax dues and gives you the greatest relief by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Our team of qualified tax consultants diligently offers our esteemed clients the best tax services in California and Texas. We help you lower your tax liabilities every year for your business growth. Our professionals promise to do your taxes correctly to save your time and money so you may achieve your goals in a timely manner.

What SG Inc CPA Offers?

At SG Inc CPA, we strive to do the best for our clients by every means. Our exceptional taxation services in California and Texas offer you the following benefits.

  • Exclusive planning for individual and joint taxes
  • Increase tax savings through the filing of tax returns
  • File taxes on time to save the most money
  • Investment Planning
  • Advocate for clients during tax negotiations
  • Resolves IRS tax-related problems
  • Property tax evaluations
  • Comprehensive tax form for your individual and business returns
  • Tax advise for trustees and executors
  • Review of tax credits to determine maximum credits

Taxation Services by SG Inc CPA

At SG Inc CPA, we offer an array of tax services according to the requirements of our valuable customers. We also provide customized taxation services as per the client’s budget. Our exclusive tax planning and tax preparation services are the best ones in the US which you must opt for if you want to cut down your company’s taxes.  

Tax Planning

Tax planning is mandatory to evaluate the financial position of the business. In order to increase the output of your firm, you must keep your taxes as low as possible. To keep your financial plan simple to implement, our skilled experts will prepare your company’s taxes carefully and properly. Additionally, our team plans taxes to maximize savings per all legal requirements and documentation.

Tax Preparation 

Tax preparation comes next after tax planning. The preparation of taxes will be a little easier with analytical planning. Before filing your taxes, we ensure they are prepared completely and accurately. It comprises individual and business tax returns from the local, state, and federal levels. Our certified public accountants handle the entire process while adhering to all state and federal tax regulations.

Tax Filing

Tax filing refers to submitting tax forms and the necessary documents to the relevant tax departments. This is one of our crucial taxation services to our clients. From proper form filling to attaching supporting documents, our professionals keep everything up to date for our client’s ease. E-filing minimizes errors with our legal tax advisors’ guidance.


Please look below at the other services we offer under the taxation category. 

Tax Advisory Services

Our tax advisory services include the overall planning and preparation of individual and business taxes. We also provide tax dispute representation, tax projections, and tax reduction strategies. Besides this, our tax consultancy includes retirement assistance and strategic planning sessions.

High-Net-Worth Tax Planning

It’s of utmost importance for high-net-worth individuals to invest their money correctly to build up assets and boost their businesses. We provide exclusive tax planning to individuals, including additional tax compliance reporting and state planning implications. As the tax laws frequently change so, we keep you updated in this regard.

IRS Tax Problem Solutions

As we are one of the best taxation services in Plano and Dallas in Texas, and Milpitas in California, we are well-informed about the IRS tax-related problems of the clients there. We help you solve your IRS tax issues, including bank levies, IRS audit notifications, wage garnishment, offers-in-compromise, and threatening letters. 

Payroll Tax Problem Solutions

If you have failed to pay your payroll taxes, you are surely in trouble, as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not at all compromising on this matter. We suggest you not meet the IRS representative on your own if you are in this situation. Let our professionals deal with your payroll taxation problem as your representative to resolve the issue and save your company from seizing.

Tax Incentive and Credit Services

This service aims to identify the state and federal tax credits and incentives that apply to your business. We help you select the best available options after quantifying and qualifying the opportunities. Our tax advisors and professionals also notify you of new and expiring tax credits and incentives.

State and Local Tax Services

Concerned authorities for state and local taxes are strict in their actions with frequent tax audits. SG Inc CPA works efficiently and monitors the changes in tax laws to help clients with tax compliances and minimize their tax liabilities and associated risks.

State and local tax services include nexus analysis, personal property tax compliance, multi-state compliance planning, and unclaimed property reviews.

International Tax Services 

Our international tax services provide entity structuring and tax planning, foreign country incentives, analysis of tax treaties, global tax compliance, expatriate tax planning, inbound and outbound transactions, foreign tax credit planning, and much more.

Estate and Trust Planning

Our estate planning helps you to minimize the taxes on your business and to enhance your assets. We work to assist you in the preparation of inventories, gathering and valuing of assets, preparation of accounting for annual trust, court accounting preparation, and business succession planning, etc.

Get Cost-Effective Tax Services by SG Inc CPA

SG Inc CPA understands the need for taxation services for small businesses and startups, so for them, we offer first-rate but cost-effective services. Our dedicated professionals work efficiently to provide our clients with the best tax-related services for every kind of business. We work according to the customers’ demands and deliver quality services at every step of them.