The last day to file personal and C Corp (1120) tax returns is 15th April 2024. Please expedite your filings.

Safe your IRS tax debts and penalties by our experts

This month we had several clients successfully granted a fresh start with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Over $75,000 in tax debts and penalties have been completely removed. In some cases, we were able to settle with the IRS for less than 10% of the total balance.

Isn’t that awesome, we’re utilizing the system and those are real stories we’re sharing with you to give you hope. We know how annoying the IRS letter is, so if you have a tremendous amount of tax and you feel overwhelmed, come and see us because we have something to do about it and you might have a good chance ending up paying just a little.

We deal with IRS & State tax lien, tax levy, and aggressive tax collection processes. Don’t keep all the burden over your shoulders, let us take good care of it.

Our competent team will provide you with tax consultations for FREE!!

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