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How Tax Compliance Goes Easy With Our Tax Services


SG INC CPA has decades of experience with Accounting, Payroll, and Taxes. We have developed an extensive payroll compliance audit program. We maintain a separate staff of payroll compliance auditors in our office locations.

They are specifically dedicated to performing payroll compliance audit services. Such services can be implemented on a state scale, so compliance with the state laws goes smoothly.

Our payroll services have been developed by gaining a deep understanding of the status quo, as well as the local laws. We also claim a deep understanding of the Taft-Harley Plans, which grants us an edge in our services.

    The Need for Payroll Audits

    The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) legally requires all employee benefit plan trustees to collect the contributions which are due to the respective fund. Any delinquent contributions are considered a prohibited advance of credit to a party in interest. Said party-in-interest could be a contributing employer.
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    The U.S. Department of Labour Prohibited Transaction Class Exemption 76-1 exempts extension, settlement, or non-collection of delinquent contributions from being regarded as prohibited. This statement only holds true if a reasonable, systematic, and diligent effort is made in the collection of the contributions. Payroll compliance audits are generally seen as a perfect fit for compliance with the class exemption.

    Definition of Payroll Compliance Audit

    A compliance audit is generally carried out to ensure an organization’s adherence to a set of rules, laws, or guidelines. Similarly, a payroll compliance audit is carried out to ensure an organization is complying with state laws regarding payroll. It examines the active employees, pay rates, wages, and tax withholdings of a business organization. This process must be carried out at least once a year to ensure your organization is completely legally compliant.

    Benefits for the Plan Trustees

    • The trustees are elected to detect whether the plan is receiving the proper amount of employer contributions.
    • They determine if the plan has correct and complete participant data used to determine and provide associated
    • They also serve as a notice or a warning to the employers that there are trustees monitoring the
    • Finally, they help avoid qualified third-party opinions on the plan’s financial statements. They do this by providing necessary evidence for the plan’s auditor with respect to the reasonableness of recorded employer contributions.

    Our Services for Payroll Compliance Audit

    SG INC CPA provides an outsourced solution for Best Payroll Compliance Audit Services in Texas. It helps to enable businesses better manage the sensitive and time-consuming task of commercial employment and income verification. Moreover, they can also confirm social service, immigration, and Workers’ Compensation verification. 

    Versifiers can obtain qualifying employee income and employment information securely in seconds via the Internet or telephone. This automated process helps reduce costs for your organization and helps provide faster responses for your employees.

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    We can ensure you are cooperative with all the payroll laws, and follow the established industry-wide practices in Compliance with the State.

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