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Audits can be a big source of worry for business owners. Even more so, when the end of the fiscal year rolls around. They worry if their books and finances be ready to be presented to the CPA and IRS for Audit. People constantly lose sleep over such issues when they are caught in the dilemma. Unfortunately, there are many business owners which follow the old maxim, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. They never worry enough about an Audit until it happens to them. Only then do they worry about hiring competent Audit Services to alleviate their burdens.

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A proper Tax and Accounting Agency, like SG INC CPA, can circumvent the need for an independent Audit Service Provider. We can manage all your accounting and taxation needs throughout the year. If, by any chance, you are caught in an Audit, you will not have to lose sleep over it. All your documents, files and records will be straight as an arrow. There will be no need for discovery. You won’t need to pile dive into a swimming pool full worth of documents to search out the right one. In face of such efficiency, your business will gain immense respect from any audit inspectors or officials.

Necessity of Audit Services

Our Audit Services can help business organizations see further and clearer into their operations. We seek to enhance the trust in a company we audit. We also assist organizations in meeting the assurance demands outlined in regulations and standards. Moreover, we also help a multi-trillion-dollar capital markets system function with greater confidence and surer steps. An audit is more than just an economical obligation. It should be regarded as a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise. If done right, it provides insight that can inform future aspirations.

Audit Services

We can provide excellent Audit Defense and Support Services. We aim to reduce your organization’s liabilities and show it in the best light possible.



They have been conducting my 401(k) Audit for several years. They are always responsive to my needs. They make their schedule work for me. I am very confident in the audit they produce. I personally enjoy working with their audit team. Everyone at SG INC CPA makes the audit process a lot easier for me. Thank you very much for taking care of me and educating me in fields I knew nothing about.


Since I have started with SG INC CPA, I have seen the success stories and praises showered upon them by many satisfied customers. They have taken simple accounting service and turned it into a leading tax preparation, bookkeeping and Audit service in the Dallas area. Without reservations, I would recommend them to anyone that asks.


SG INC CPA is a firm which is dedicated to customer service. They are completely result oriented. On my request they quickly put me in contact with people who could serve me to the best of their ability. All my accounting issues were readily resolved. Later on, I also hired them for an internal Audit of the company. The results were satisfactory.

Types of Audit Services

Audit can be one of the most tiring issue for any business organization, whether it is large, medium or small. Audit can include any sort of inspection of the account of the firm or the business by an independent body. The body which initiates Audit can be either a federal body, such as the IRS, or a state body.

SG INC CPA is the Best Auditing Services Provider. We offer following 3 Types of Audit Services;

  1. Payroll Tax Audit

This is an analysis of a business organization’s payroll processing to ensure accuracy. Several payroll factors are examined in this Audit. Such as work conditions, pay rates, wages, tax withholdings etc.

  1. Sales Tax Audit

This is an official examination of a business organization’s financial documents. A proper government tax agency verifies that full amount of sales tax has been remitted to the relevant agency.

  1. Financial Audit

Every business organization must go through a financial audit. It evaluates the financial transactions and statements in an organization. Its purpose is to present accurate amount of business transactions.

Quality of Audit Services

Audit quality is the highest priority in the Audit Services agency of SG INC CPA. Quality defines every aspect of our audit practice, from strategy to delivery. It guides every step we take to develop and maintain our supremacy in the market. We are stubborn in our pursuit of audit quality. It remains at the center of our culture of continuous perfection and innovation. It is our hope that our today’s work will be better than yesterday.

The Best Audit Services in Texas

Audits can take a toll on the business. No discrepancies must be found in the operations of the business. This require a lot of information gathered to satisfy the auditing body.

An Audit must include minutest of the details. They could be carrying information of significant importance to the outcome of the Audit. Gathering and compiling data for an Audit can set the business back and interrupt its regular operations.

We, at SG INC CPA, want business owners to sit back and relax. We will handle any such issues that befall your business. The owners can continue to give the best to their business practice. While the Best Audit Services in Texas takes care of the rest.

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