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Audit Services


Audit can be one of the most tiring and behemoth issue to fall upon a business. It can include but not limited to any sort of inspection of the account of the firm or the business by an independent body. The body can be either a federal body such as the IRS or a state body.

Audits can include:
  • Payroll tax audit.
  • Sales tax audit.
  • Financial audit.
These audits can take a toll on the business as they require a lot of information to be gathered in order to satisfy the auditing body that no discrepancies have been found in the operations of the business.

This can include the minutest of details carrying significant importance to the outcome of the audits. Gathering and compiling data for these audits can set the business back. We at SG INC CPA want business owners to sit back and relax while any such issues befall the business. So, the owners can keep on giving the best to their business practices and we can take care of such issues.


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