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One Stop for All Your Accounting Needs

SG INC CPA is a complete code of financial conduct with its diverse working areas and services. We are ensuring 360-degree financial services at our disposal. The primacy of our Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax, Audit, and CPA Tax Services stands by competitiveness. We stand on the top of the list. Even though many competitors are rendering the likewise services. We promise the most plausible solutions to our clients and we stand by our words.

Solutions to problems incurred by modernized corporate, SMEs, and the E-commerce are neoteric. We are objectifying our CPA Tax Services. Our competitiveness also validates our budgetary aspects for our clients. We are of an outranking, standardized, and time-tested CPA Firms in Dallas. We are currently maintaining a very adept, experienced, and finance-hardened staff. They are well-equipped for CPA Services for small businesses. Our budgetary compliance attracts the audience. It goes at the behest of the competitiveness and affordability of our services. Search for CPA Tax Services near me and see where we stand in our claims of outranking.

SG INC. CPA has two regional offices in Plano, Texas and Milpitas, California.

Looking for a High-Class Financial Services?


At SG INC CPA, we help you develop new levels of value and productivity. Our business outsourcing services in Dallas, Plano, Texas improve your business experience, and streamline your internal processes.

Accounting Services

Cost Efficient, Flexible, Dependable and Quick to Implement Accounting Services In Dallas, Plano TX.

Tax Services

A Partner to Support your individual and business tax preparation Needs, Secure Refunds, and Dig-out Tax Liabilities. We also deal in the tax return and tax planning services In Dallas, Plano Texas.

Payroll Processing

Fast, Easy, Accurate and to the Point Perfected Payroll Processing.

Sales Tax Audit

Settle Your Accumulated Back Taxes for Pennies on the Dollar.


Get the Best Representation and Protection Against a Tax Audit.

NRI Support

Customized Solutions for our NRI Clients. A trusted Indian partner.


Success and

A journey of Success and Accomplishments cannot be undergone overnight. It takes precedence of success with an attitude of consistency. SG INC CPA has manifested that consistency in its CPA Services since its very inception. Every client we serve takes us to the next level of proficiency and professionalism. We count on our credibility for every client.

Our proficiency doesn’t overwhelm any particular aspect of Small Business CPA Services. Our services are objected to be the 360-degree facilitator for the audience. Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Accounting, Tax Services, and whatnot. Our expertise is equivocally vested in each sphere whether it is Online CPA Services or in-house ones. Because we have time-tested and professional staff operating in each sphere categorically. We are constantly diversifying our services as per the prerequisites of our services.



We support our clients in compliance and controls, balancing expenditure with growth, decreasing the cash cycle and increasing the ROI.

Time Constraints


quality control



Approach our CPA Agency for contemporary and effective solutions. Find solutions to financial apprehensions and prerequisites.

Dedicated Services

Our bookkeepers and payroll professionals are trained in their respective working spheres. We have dedicated human resources at our disposal for handling the clients categorically. Our experts agree on nothing less than the perfect. Our CPA Consulting Services reflect the dedication of our adept professionals. We are unquestionably the Best CPA in Dallas.

Vast Experience

There is no substitute for experience regardless of the working sphere. We believe that. SG INC CPA has experienced staff with a dedicated timeline of a career. They are working in the respective field of each employee. With experience, there comes an assurance for perfectionism. They make sure everything is done without errors. For furtherance, find out CPA services near me.

Novel Solutions

Our priorities aren’t focusing on providing the traditional Bookkeeping. Accounting, Tax, and Payroll Services also include. We are aiming to bring about the neoteric solutions. for every changing financial aspect, we present the plausible solutions. Our solutions on CPA in Dallas disclose the most advanced approaches to problem-solving.


Alex Gil

They are polite and prompt. They even have check up calls just to see if you need anything or ask how your company is going. Amazing group of people!

Mukesh Patel

This firm has best customer service and the staff is most knowledgeable. They have done bookkeeping, tax return, and payroll for me and I am so glad to be associated with this company.

Arshad Khan

This is the best CPA firm I have ever worked with! I was audited by state comptroller and due to my previous CPA firm, I paid a huge tax bill. I hired Asim during my second audit and there was a huge difference in how my audit was handled. My second audit was completed with $0 tax bill. This firm is expert in sales tax and IRS audits. I strongly recommend them for all tax, bookkeeping, payroll and audit services!!!
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