Why us?

SG Inc. has been developing relationships with individuals, and small to mid-size companies since December 2003. Providing a range of services including Tax Preparation and Planning, Bookkeeping and Payroll Processing, Business Operations and Management Consulting.

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • LLCs/LLPs
  • Estates, Trusts, and Gifts
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Sales Tax
  • Debt Settlements
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Accounting & Management Services
  • Payroll & Book Keeping
  • Advisory


  • Excellent Service

    Kripa B

    I went here with my husband. We had a lot of questions which were answered very patiently by Shweta. I would definitely go back there for my tax filing next year too!

  • Ritesh A
    I really appreciate that they recognize the nature of their business and strive to provide best possible services. I really liked her no-hurry attitude. Shweta was very thorough with the details and answered all my questions. I highly recommend her services.
  • Kunal V
    We recently filed 2012 Tax with Shweta, she was very helpful and informative. We were looking for good CPA since long who can pay attention and guide us through the whole procedure. She listened to our every question and answered those promptly. I would definitely return to her for my next year return. I am very happy I approached her for this year return. Avoid having big name CPA where their employees work and never explain the details.
  • Sreejith M ( Very reasonable fee )
    Shweta helped me with my 2012 filing. Like the service here... No "rush" attitude and at the same time very judicious use of time, Thorough work done with relevant suggestions made as and when needed & Others would rather get your work done offline, here I got the option to sit in person and was walked thru the entire process (didn't take more than 30mins). Went in with no background information or expectations of the services offered by them but they exceeded my expectations!
  • Pavan S
    I was very satisfied with the work. Shweta Garg is pretty knowledgeable and does the stuff methodically. For a person like me who was filing it for the first time was the best choice. Would recommend to have your tax filed there.
  • Priyanka B
    With the complexity of today's tax laws SG Inc. makes it seems simple. I decided to look for a new CPA as my CPA was never transparent as to what he was doing with my tax returns & it was always a pain to keep following him. Shweta was very supportive & walked me through the entire process .She gave me great advice & was easy to talk to. I highly recommend Shweta Garg for your financial services.
  • Dabangg Y
    Shweta was very helpful in filing my 2012 tax return. She was nice to review my 2011 tax return for free. Although my previous return turned out to be correct, I still appreciate her service. She allows for ample time to go over every detail.
  • Mona T
    I was very satisfied with my tax consultation with Shweta Garg. She did my 2012 taxes. I was impressed with her professionalism and impromptu judgment about tax implications. She not only walked me through my tax return but also helped me with all the required deductions and credits. My previous tax accountant had missed one of the credits on my previous year return which Shweta helped me find and filed an amended tax return. I would definitely recommend everyone to go to her for their taxes.