Treasury Services

SG INC CPA has individuals that work closely with your financial department.  We supervise digital and financial institutions and assist in the movement of cash in and out of business projects.  Our treasury staff is always in communication with the operational department. It includes fund accountants,
shareholders, ensuring compliance in all financial transactions. We are always ready to help our clients in any way we can, helping them to make effective and timely decisions. Providing investors the confidence they need to proceed.

Setting Up Banking Account

We closely collaborate with customers and financial departments to provide a banking channel. Then we supervise them also.

Controls And Regulations

We stick to checks at each stage of the process like call-backs, double authorization, and client involvement in the release of finances.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer deals with the movement of funds electronically from one place to another.  We deal with single and mass wire transfers.

Funds Movement Supervision

We supervise and manage all types of cash movements which include shareholder assets, wire transfers, expenditure payments, etc.

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