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Tax Return Services

Tax Return Services are one of the most crucial services for any business, or individual. Every private citizen, or businessowner has to go through this process once a year. Filing for tax returns also require some special planning and preparation. Not everyone is capable of doing it. You need proper experience and qualification to properly deal with tax returns; if you wish to avoid mistakes.

Necessity of Tax Return

Tax planning and preparation is a process that is carried out by experts as they see fit. Every expert has their own methods that they have perfected over years of experience. There is no one code of conduct. Similarly, not all CPA tax return firms are the same either. All offer their services for filing tax returns, but not all perform the services in the same manner.

Our Accomplishments

SG INC CPA can provide you with very experienced accountants and tax return agents who have perfected their techniques over decades of service. We work to build a trust in our clients. Innovation is one of our virtues, which allows us to always look for ideas and betterment of our methods. Fresh ideas allow us to create a substantial reduction in your taxes via proactive planning and clever income tax return preparation.

We can stand in your corner and allow you take advantage of every method which minimizes your taxes, while maximizing your income. We cater our services to private individuals and businesses of every size. Overpayments are all but eliminated under our guidance. Finally, we ensure a complete compliance with the current laws and regulations pertaining to tax return.

Contact us to formulae an effective tax strategy for yourself and your business. Our dallas tax return accountants cost very little. Enjoy our affordable services.

The Tax Legislation – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into the law in December 2017. It introduces sweeping changes to income tax, estate tax, and even gift tax. There are many ways you can take advantage of the benefits offered by the legislation. However, all such methods require proper tax planning and preparation.

SG INC CPA has experienced CPA professionals who understand the laws, regulations and how to take advantage of them for maximum benefit. Our accountants can help you file for tax return. Accept the assistance of our income tax return advisor and do not get left behind.

Business Tax Return Services Texas

Tax return for businesses is very crucial annual ritual. Too much taxes, and you risk losing profits; too little taxes, and you risk non-compliance. SG INC CPA can ensure you never miss a tax deduction, all the while complying with the established laws. our deep study of tax code ensures our clients receive maximum advantages.

Individual Tax Return

Tax return for individual American citizens is just as important as it is for businesses. SG INC CPA is one firm that can take all the stress that comes with tax filing from you. We are more than proficient in handling all matters related to personal tax returns with efficiency. You will not pay more than what you owe; this we promise.

Tax Return Preparation

Our professional tax preparation services in Plano Texas can afford you more benefits than you can avail if you try to do everything by yourself. Our tax and accounting firm has been catering our services to clients since 2003. You can contact us through secure client portals, and safely exchange relevant financial information. We work to ensure your time is saved, as well as your resources.

Tax Return Planning

SG INC CPA Dallas works to renew its established policies to accommodate newer laws and regulations. Our techniques are meant to decrease the various tax liabilities for businesses, as well as individual citizens when they file for tax return. We work to ensure all clients receive the maximum possible benefits, regardless of which tax bracket they fall under.

IRS Unpaid Tax Resolution

IRS always pursues unpaid taxes. It starts with simple reminders, letters, emails. It can end with all your assets seized and giving you no choice but to declare bankruptcy. However, such extremes are rare. Avail our services and we will not allow such circumstances to come to pass. We can help you in many ways of resolutions, such as;

  • Ending a wage garnishment
  • Releasing a tax lien or a levy
  • Resolving back taxes once and for all

State and Local Taxes

SG INC CPA has more than enough expertise to handle all your taxes, be they on the State level or Federal level. We can help decrease the effective tax rates for your business, all the while ensuring you remain compliant with the relevant laws. Some of our many services include;

  • Sales and Use tax services
  • Tax incentive analysis
  • Nexus filings and more!

Delinquent Unfiled Tax Returns

Some people never file for taxes. Some do this for ideological reasons, others do it for economical ones. There are also a few people who do not file because they just do not care for one reason or another. Not filing for taxes is a legal offense. It can create serious tax problems. SG INC CPA has a record of helping all clients in need. We have even assisted clients who have had no tax filings for years.

We offer our assistance in filing for the previously unfiled returns. No legal complications arise from our assistance. There are a number of methods which can be used for resolutions. An installment agreement or amnesty for taxes are but a few of them. let us help you and we can ensure you qualify for such wonderful offers.

Fresh Start for Back Taxes

There is a Fresh Start program for individuals and businesses which helps them pay the back taxes. It can also help reduce your number of tax liens issued. Any taxpayer who owes more than $50,000 in back taxes can apply for a streamlined installment agreement with the IRS. Such installments can allow you to easy manage large amounts of money and pay them in months, or years.

There are additional methods for debt resolution for those who owe such large sums. SG INC CPA is more than qualified to help you qualify for them, such as;

  • Partial Payment Installment Agreement
  • Currently Not Collectible Status
  • An Offer in Compromise

Tax Return Services

We can be your reliable partner as a bookkeeper, accountant and business advisor to deliver you a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services.



I went to SG INC CPA for Accounting for Income Taxes needs. It was advertised as an all stop shop. Originally, I thought it was merely a marketing campaign. But they did complete all my requirements. Their boasts are not empty. Their employees are all knowledgeable in their chosen fields. This mastery allows them to complete all the work given to them within expected deadlines and expectations


I am very happy with the services I received at SG INC CPA. Asim provided me with specialized services to fulfill all my requirements. He and his team managed the Accounting for Income Taxes service for me. They did my accounting, as well as management. I have personally vouched for Asim to several of my colleagues and acquaintances. Every one whom I have referred to him is also very happy with the services they receive.


While working with them, I have realized that I am in good hands. When I opened my small pizza franchise, I used to do all Accounting for Income Taxes by myself. It was a tedious process and gradually became harder for me since I have never had any formal training in it. At a friend’s advice I directed all my accounting work towards them. They proved my apprehension was for nothing.

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