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NRI Support Services are specifically designed to help NRIs live a better and more comfortable life. We have a team of specialists that work hard to provide customized solutions to NRIs. We make your dealings in India very easy, extremely clear and friendly. All our services are carried out in the most ethical and compliant manner possible. There are numerous services provided by SG INC CPA. However, the chiefest among them would be; Taxation and Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Assets / Real Estate Management, and Permissible Solutions among others. You can consider us an NRI’s Indian Partner. We do what we can to make sure an enduring and amiable relationship prospers between us and the client.

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SG INC CPA is the NRI’s Indian partner. We have a team of specialists operating globally, whose job it is to provide customized solutions to NRI’s.



I would recommend SG INC CPA to anyone who is looking for quality NRI service. Speaking from personal experience, they might be a little more expensive than your average run of the mill accountant. But they are also the best when it comes to NRI Support. Results are worth it. Their service is completely professional. They are courteous. They try to understand the core regulations of a business before starting the job. This is the key to success of any small business.


I am an NRI. I own a few businesses in Texas; such as a gas station, subway restaurant and a real estate firm. A friend referred SG INC CPA to me when I was fed up with the incompetence of my previous contractor. I went to see their office and was suitably impressed by professionalism of Mr. Asim and his team. There is no one better in NRI Support services than them. Trust me, I know.


Today marks the completion of 5 years I have been availing many NRI Support services of SG INC CPA. Every experience I have had with them has been remarkable. In every encounter, their personnel show me that customer service, professionalism and knowledge does exist in tax service / accounting industry. This is one of those surprises that I am happy about.

Wealth Management in NRI Support Services

Simply stated, there is financial planning, and then there’s wealth management. You can think of wealth management as a step up from garden-variety financial planning provided by an individual financial adviser. The term ‘Wealth Management’ is most commonly associated with a team of planning professionals providing a range of services. These services include personal financial planning and investment management, tax reduction and estate planning strategies, and occasionally legal resources. Business maintenance planning, tax preparation, budgeting and even bill paying are typically attached to the menu. That is how far NRI Support Services go in Wealth Management

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Wealth management is more comprehensive. Financial planning typically suggests that making a technique for accumulating wealth for retirement and individual goals. Investment management focuses attention on managing financial assets with a production level in mind. Wealth management, in contrast, considers the whole net worth of a family, a couple, or an individual. It weighs financial settlement in light of investment portfolio and extra elements of the financial picture. Such as land, property, insurance, a business, charitable gifting and more.

Wealth management provides greater attention to detail in NRI Support Services. Every productive professional or business owner reaches a point where they can’t manage everything by themselves. Indeed, it can be hazardous to try to keep track of every detail without help. The same goes for your personal finances; such as your taxes, investments, and your various accounts.

Best wealth management helps you to stay on top of things. A wealth management team can pay attention to many of the financial details in your life for you. Our NRI Support Services team wants your goals, desires and priorities to succeed. We want to develop a personal strategy for guiding your invested assets and enhancing your net worth.

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