Investor Services

SG INC CPA has experts that assist both fund administrators and investors, not only during transaction times but during the complete partnership, with prompt and effective collaboration. We have an understanding of the difference and basics of different funds.  We also know the complications of investor demands. We serve individuals with great means having more than $1 million in liquid financial assets.  Following are our investor services:

Transaction Handling

Detailed inspection and analysis in accordance with the fund parameters, we also deal with transfer and withdrawal paperwork, recording of crucial shareholder information.

Investor Communication

Regular communication with investors and answering their queries and doubts, we also cross-verify with clients so the communication is effective and thorough. Investor communication is the key to healthy financial relations.

Prevention From Identity Fraud And Scams

We take strict measures to keep the data precise and accurate. The main aim is to prevent or eliminate the chances of fraud.

Identity Verification And Checks

We comply with all the verification processes.  We deeply examine the shareholder’s files to make sure compliance with AML (Anti-money laundering) regulations.

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