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Financial statements preparation and reporting is a large part of what the bookkeepers actually do. a business owner that values ambition and desires for growth, must put the numbers to work. A good financial statement preparation service will provide those numbers with advice on how to achieve that ambition. With proper guidance and impeccable numbers, your rise to greatness is all but assured.

A financial report has three main elements;

  • Balance Sheet. It describes the overall worth of your company. It is calculated by analyzing;
  • Value of your assets
  • Value of your debts and liabilities
  • Value of your equity
  • Income Statement. It is a record of all your income. It shows gross income over a given time period.
  • Cash Flow Statement. It shows all cash transactions of your small business. It is detailed record of all your purchases and sales.

Financial management, either by an in-house department, or by a financial statement preparation service near you, can either make or break a budding business corporation. You either must have a proper in-house working force, or you can hire a proper firm that specializes in this area.

SG Inc. CPA is one of the most reputed corporation that will provide its customers with the best financial statements preparation service in Texas. We take it as a mission to produce accurate and actionable financial statements with a frequency as demanded i.e. weekly, monthly or yearly reports. We fulfil all reasonable requests within time so our clients do not feel harried to meet deadlines.

We are also adept in Advance Financial accounting which allows us to handle huge amounts of data resulting from mergers, liquidations or even bankruptcies.

The Items on Agenda

A typical financial report includes;

  • Accounts payable summary
  • Accounts receivable summary
  • Payroll report
  • Credit card transaction list
  • Bank transaction list
  • Employee expense report
  • And month-to-date P&L (Profit and Loss) report

Often third parties requiring your financial statements require quality assurance from a CPA Firm.

Our team at SG INC CPA can provide you with timely financial statement preparation for audits, reviews, meetings and compilations that are hundred percent accurate and done with integrity. We provide complete audit services by bringing your financial reports up to par with generally accepted auditing standards. We ensure your financial reports are in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).



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