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Cash Flow problems are faced by businesses which possess a diverse range of operations reaching more than a single locale or spectrum. It is certainly a good thing when a business grows enough to start generating large amounts of profits, or the expansion causes the activity in the business to be extremely hyped. But it also causes the business owners or managers hard pushed to keep the track of every transaction or transference under respective company’s name or account. This is where proper cash flow management comes in.

We can offer you advice to improve your Cash Flow Management with simple tactics;

  • Lease or Buy. Unless your company is loaded with funds, it is preferable to lease a property and supplies instead of buying them to improve cash flow management for small business.
  • Discounts increase Profits. Customers love the small reliefs or discounts. It is more likely they will pay you on time, or even increase business with you in the future, because of you offering an incentive to them.
  • New Products & Designs. If there exists some backlog to certain products, it is wise to upgrade them or replace them with new products. Getting rid of such useless product frees up a considerable capital into your business.
  • Sending immediate invoices allows receivings to be smoother and quicker.
  • Online Banking. It is easy to make proper cash flow statement analysis or assessments when there are proper records in the form of banking or credit card statements. Most cash flow management services insist upon it.
  • High Profit Banking. Saving your capital in an account with high yield profits will allow your business to have appropriate liquid funds, while also ensuring your virtual currency is safe and could be accessed easily.
  • Pricing Experiments. If there is a product of your business in the market which is wildly popular, you can experiment with its price by gradually raising it higher and doing vice versa for the slow-moving products with high potential. It is a simple cash flow management strategy for its improvement.

SG INC CPA offers best Cash Flow Management Services in Texas. We allow our clients to;

  • Be aware when, where, how will their cash needs arise.
  • Identify the best sources for meeting cash needs.
  • Be prepared to meet such needs by maintain a good cash flow within the company and keeping good relations with investors and bankers.



I am very happy with the services I received at SG INC CPA. Asim and his team managed my taxes for me. They did my accounting and cash flow management. I have personally vouched for Asim to several of my colleagues and acquaintances. Every one whom I have referred to him is also very happy with the services they receive.


I highly recommend Mr. Asim Shamim from SG INC CPA. I own a small transportation company in Texas. Cash flow management and payroll for drivers or employees is not easy in this state. There are very few who truly understand the business and the laws associated with it. But Asim fully understand it. I commend him for his excellence.


I would recommend SG INC CPA to anyone who is looking for quality cash flow management service. Their results are worth the expenses. Their service is completely professional. They are courteous. They try to understand the core regulations of a business before starting the job. This is the key to success of any small business.

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