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Calculate and Report Your Employees Payroll Taxes


Payroll taxes are the amount of taxes that have been deducted from the employee’s income and needs to be paid out to the state and the Internal revenue Service (IRS), which are called the federal taxes.

Payroll taxes range from the quarterly taxes commonly known as 941 reports and taxes to yearly federal tax reports of 940. There are also state taxes which will be mentioned here under.

These include the amount of federal taxes deducted payable and due to be reported to the federal system i.e. IRS.

State taxes are ones which need to be paid out to the state, Texas for example has no state income tax but still an unemployment tax is due to be paid out to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) due every quarter.

There are also out of state taxes where a firm is liable to pay either both unemployment taxes and income taxes to the state but, certain steps need to be taken care of.

  • Creating and out of state account with both revenue office and unemployment services or labor department. (however, the state institutions are set up)
  • Registering with the state.
  • Obtaining both tax account numbers to enroll in the payroll system.

Payroll taxes are not limited to just paying the taxes. They also include filing the wages and salaries to the IRS and the state intuitions so both payment and filing can be done.

We will take care of all of this with our team of experts and professionals who are currently working with retailers, medical and health care professionals, small to large business owners. Our payroll portfolio is diverse hence, we are up to date and well versed with numerous issues of this arena.


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