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Introduction about NRI Support 

NRI Support Services is a team of specialists operating along for NRIs across the world and providing them customized solutions to make their dealings in India easy, clear and friendly, in the most ethical and compliant manner. Our services comprise Taxation and Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Assets OR Real Estate Management, Permissible solutions among others. In short, we are NRI’s Indian partner and that we do what it takes to make sure an enduring and amiable relationship.


What we do? 

   a. Taxation and Legal Advisory

-  NRI Taxation
-  Deductions and Exemptions for NRIs
-  Freedom on Sale of Property for an NRI
-  Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA)
-  Capital Assets and Capital Gains
-  TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) for NRIs
-  Special Provisions Applicable to Non-residents
-  Property Taxation/ Investment Guidelines and Norms
-  Sale and Purchase of Residential/Commercial Property
-  Tax Exemption for NRIs/ Overseas Indians
-  TAX Issues faced by NRIs
-  NRI Recently Moved Back to India

b. Solutions in Financial Planning

- We at NRI SUPPORT Services are a specialized group of certified and experienced professionals, who offer the most appropriate advice on the product and your investment needs.

- Our specialized services are based on the well-established principles of comprehensive financial planning, backed by our strong in-house research enabling us to offer customized services to NRI investors.

- Four-step Advisory Process.

  • Need Analysis: we tend to analyze & assess your investment objectives as well as your comfort level with numerous asset classes to satisfy a short-term or a long-term goal.
  • Asset Allocation: We tend to confirm a best mixture of asset classes to satisfy your financial goals.
  • Portfolio Construction: Based on that asset mix, we build a customized, diversified portfolio of various investment products.
  • Ongoing Review: We tend to monitor your portfolios performance, making changes and adjustments as necessary, whereas communicating with you regularly.

Simply stated, there is financial planning, and then there’s wealth management. Think of wealth management as a step up from garden-variety financial planning provided by an individual adviser/planner. The term “wealth management” is most commonly associated with a team of planning professionals providing a range of services for a client: personal financial planning and investment management, tax reduction and estate planning strategies, and occasionally legal resources. Business maintenance planning, tax preparation and even budgeting and bill paying are typically attached to the menu.

Wealth management is more comprehensive. Financial planning typically suggests that making a technique for accumulating wealth for retirement and individual goals. Investment management center of attention is on managing financial assets with a production level in mind. Wealth management, in contrast, considers the whole net worth of a family, a couple or an individual. It weighs financial settlement in light of investment portfolio and extra elements of the financial picture like land, property, insurance, a business, charitable gifting and more.

Wealth management provides greater attention to detail. Every productive professional or business owner reaches a point of deputation — there comes some extent at that you can’t get laid all yourself. Indeed, it can be hazardous to try to keep track of every detail without help. The same goes for your personal finances — your taxes, your investments, your various accounts.

Best wealth management helps you to stay on top of things. A wealth management team unites advisers from different disciplines to pay attention to many of the financial details in your life for you. The team gaze at your goals, desires and priorities to see the proper, personal strategy for guiding your invested assets and enhancing your net worth.



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