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6 Tips on how to Start Your Own Accounting Consulting Service

6 Tips on how to Start Your Own Accounting Consulting Service

6 Tips on how to Start Your Own Accounting Consulting Service

Every person dreams of being his or her own boss at some point in their life. A job where you won’t have to answer to a superior, can decide your own timetable and take no yelling from a boss. If you have ample qualification in accounting, you can become your own boss by starting your own Accounting Consulting Service.
Accounting is a field which is always in demands. Every business and organization needs it regardless of its size. Everyone requires solutions to financial problems at some point. That is why an Accounting Consulting Service never goes out of business.
You can start this business with little to no start-up capital. You will always have clients who cannot afford full-time accountant firms. Follow the steps below to start your own Accounting Consulting Service;

Gain Proficiency in Accounting

It is necessary you gain proper knowledge and accreditation before starting your own accounting consulting service. In simple terms; you must qualify as a proper accountant before legally practicing as one. You can gain the necessary knowledge and certification from any college or a university. If certification is your only goal, you can do so through professional exams. Proper certification to practice as a CPA will grant you more respect and base for authority among client base. People will trust what you have to say. They will also be more willing to hand over their books to you in lieu of accounting services.

Gain Proper Registration

Government Regulatory bodies require proper registration before a business of this category can be launched. You would also be required to register your Accounting Consulting Service with relevant authorities. This is the way things are done in a corporate world. This registration would also save you from any future legal hassles or fines.
Clients also tend to trust the properly registered business owners more, even if they are home-based. No one likes to hand over all of their sensitive data to a business which doesn’t even have government’s permission. Moreover, you could even be charged in a court of law for a lack of registration. Like every other place, a proper accreditation is also required for accounting consulting service in Dallas, Texas.

Conduct Studies for Feasibility

Feasibility studies are a must for a business venture to be successful. Feasibility reports will tell you how to identify potential customers. You will be able to locate them and make contact with them. You will be able to estimate how much can you charge for your accounting consulting services from the clients. Without a proper feasibility report, you would be blundering in the dark and making frequent mistakes.Mistakes which could have been easily avoided. Proximity is another issue that must not be ignored. If I were in a client’s place, I would prefer to chose an accounting consulting service near me. So, focus on your immediate nearby area more.

Setting Up a Proper Venue

If you have a proper start-up capital, you can rent office space in a corporate building. It will give your visitors confidence in trusting you. If you do not have enough capital, you can also start an in-house accounting consulting service firm.
You should set-up a proper office in an area separate from residential space of your house. There must be no noise or distraction. Allow no interruptions during business hours, even by friends and family. Ensure to get proper furniture and acquire other necessary tools, such as;
I) An internet connected computer
II) A printer
III) An accounting software
IV) A fax machine
V) A landline
VI) File rack etc.

Launch a Website

With a website you can reach far greater base of customers than you can otherwise. Your accounting consulting business will not be bound by proximity issues anymore. A website also lends legitimacy to a business in the eyes of common people. Overall a huge portion of consulting services is done online. With online streaming, email transaction and web chat; customers would be able to reach you anytime within business hours. They will appreciate prompt service and prompt response to their curies.

Advertising your Business

Advertising is a universally accepted way to get your business well known among relevant circles. You can print brochures that state clearly what kind of business you do and distribute them among your neighborhood. You can talk to small business owners in immediate area and tell them you can take care of their accountancy needs. You can also organize a seminar in local community center. If that is not enough, you can advertise your small business accounting consulting services online through Google Ads. You can also join relevant platforms through social media and push your business over there.


Starting your own Accounting Consulting Business is a difficult thing. But success always comes to those who take the challenges head-on and have the will to surpass them. Take a leap into the unknown, the success will surely be yours.

Contact SG Inc. CPA for more information. We provide accounting consulting services of our own and have a well-established client base. Our reputation and dedication are well known in the market. We do not claim mastery over the subject without good reason. So, come to us and ask. There are no charges for simple questions. We are more than happy to answer all of your queries.