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Online Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Online Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Online Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Essentials and Software's

Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business. With the rapidly increasing usage of science and technology, everything is getting more modernized. The practices and procedures which used to take days or weeks, now only take a few minutes with the technological assistance. Bookkeeping is another one of those things that has been revolutionized in recent era. Online bookkeeping services for small business has been adopted by many of the firms and businesses in U.S. as integral part of their financial structure. It is easier to use, has readymade algorithms to provide expected solution and extremely fast in its providence of results.
Record keeping is necessary for any business. While many businesses keep their records on paper, it has been becoming increasingly outdated with the passage of time. Softcopy records are being given more and more priority. Softcopy records allow a business owner to track income and expenses in significantly lesser time. By utilizing bookkeeping services for small businesses, they can assess profit margins and overall efficiency of a company while ensuring that the business keeps compliant of the IRS regulations by maintaining peak efficiency and quick service which cannot be found in hardcopy processing.
It is to be noted that the IRS itself does not require a business to maintain electronic records. The owners themselves have found it through repeat experience how efficient electronic operations and records are.

If you are not inclined to use a software than it is best you search for a bookkeeping service for small business near you.
A record of all the services you provide along with copies of business agreements must remain available to you if any question to the validity of transaction comes into being down the road. A number of records keeping softwares are available in the market for this service. Online bookkeeping services for small businesses can be done through applications and softwares. There are several brands available in the market which offer this service in exchange for monetary compensation.

Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks Online is regarded by all analysts and experienced clients as one of the best overall accounting software and record keeping program as an integral part of online bookkeeping services for small businesses. It guides the user through data entry. This software is intuitive enough to perform the accounting calculations by its own behest. As a client, if you use other common softwares for record keeping or accounting, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Spreadsheet, you can integrate those files into the Intuit QuickBooks software without worry of data being lost.
You can keep the track of all daily activities, expenses and transactions done by your business. You can pay the bills by viewing the invoices, pay the wages of your employees by being reminded of it by the program. You can even send invoices to your clients and sync data with all your outlets and financial accounts in different locations, cities, states and even countries. That is how effective this software is.
Intuit QuickBooks has levels of access and usability. At the most basic level, this software can be used to perform the simplest of operations for a business owner. Similarly, it can be customized to process more complicated operations with advanced functions to fit the corresponding needs of your business. Since this software is completely cloud dependent, this makes it easier for a business owner to access anydata he or she wants regardless of the location, with the access to internet being its only requirement.
Intuit QuickBooks offers relatively cheap services to its users. The basic plan, which is called SimpleStart is limited to one user only and costs only $25 per month. Another option for more experienced and demanding clients called QuickBooks Online Plus costs $70 per month and has far more numerous options. The software developers also offer a three months long trial period for the skeptical clients at far lower prices.

Wave Accounting

Wave accounting is another popular software available on the market for bookkeeping services for small businesses and record keeping services. one of its most attractive features for a common user is that its basic service is free of charge. The basic service also includes accounting, invoicing and receipts. Wave accounting has cloud storage as well so just like QuickBooks, it can be accessed from anywhere there is access to internet. This program is used widely by small business owners who require no complex calculations or records, and those who have to constantly travel in the line of their job or business.
The software can be used at higher level functions by paying a certain fee as part of online bookkeeping services for small business. Credit card processing and bank payments come under these higher-level functions. Payroll services can also be added in the monthly package for a small fee.
This software is best suited to provide online bookkeeping services for small businesses with 10 or fewer employees. It is also a good choice for freelance workers and solo entrepreneurs.


Bookkeeper is developed by Avanquest Software Company. It is a good choice for small business owners who are in search of a program which sets up quickly and allows easy management of the records. It allows the user to create checks and pay the bills. The user can also send invoices, track sales and expenses through the software. The price for using this software is $39.95.
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