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The Secrets to Improving the Cash Flow

The Secrets to Improving the Cash Flow

The Secrets to Improving the Cash Flow

As the term suggests, Cash Flow is in simple terms the flow or transference of cash from one place to another for any business purpose. The cash in question could be in a form of hard currency or it could be virtual money stashed in a bank account. The transfer from one account to another would also fall under the term of cash flow.

Cash Flow Managment Problems

Usually faced by those businesses that have a diverse range of operations reaching more than a single locale or spectrum. It is certainly a good thing when a business grows enough to start generating large amounts of profits, or the expansion causes the activity in the business to be extremely hyped. But it also causes the business owners or managers hard pushed to keep the track of every transaction or transference under respective company’s name or account. It has a potential to cause a headache for the business owners to track all the cash, especially if the financial department is not being handled appropriately. Such as, if you have an approaching deadline for paying off a debt, while a client has yet to pay their respective bill, then you will have problems for such poor management.

Cash Flow Can be Improved with Simple Tactics

Lease or Buy:

Unless your company is loaded with funds, it is preferable to lease the property and supplies instead of buying them. The profits your business generates can be used for other more pressing needs.

Discounts increase Profits:

Customers love the small reliefs or discounts. It is more likely they will pay you on time, or even increase business with you in the future, because of you offering an incentive to them. Such schemes will increase the sales, thus mitigating the damage which could have been caused by discounts.

Background Checks: 

Make it a habit to check out your potential costumers before you sell them your service on a promise of future payment. It may happen that the customer is unable to pay when the time comes for any number of reasons. Checking their background will ensure those whom you have regular dealings with are not only honorable, but also fully capable of paying you off.

Buying in Bulks:

Making large purchases of items you need for your company will allow the large corporations to offer you special incentives and discounts which will benefit you in the long run.

New Products & Designs:

If there exists some sort of backlog to certain items among your products, it is wise to upgrade them or replace them with new products because the tied-up cash in such products can never be healthy in the long term. Getting rid of such useless product, even if you have to offer some discount incentives to those who will buy them off your hand, will still free up a considerable capital into your business.


Sending immediate invoices allows receivings to be smoother and quicker.

Advantages of online banking:

Paying off can be waited until the end of deadlines easily. Moreover, instead of hard cash transactions with little to no easy methods of record keeping, it is quite easy to make proper cash flow statement analysis or assessments when there are proper records in the form of banking or credit card statements.
Suppliers’ cuts:
Some business owners prefer to stretch the payments for the suppliers with the intention to maintain a long-term relationship. The added bonus of being offered discounts for bulk purchases, will also be a boon.

High Profit Banking:

Saving your capital in an account with high yield profits will allow your
business to have appropriate liquid funds, while also ensuring your virtual currency is safe and
could be accessed easily.
Pricing Experiments:

If there is a product of your business in the market which is wildly popular, you can experiment with its price by gradually raising it higher and doing vice versa for the slow-
moving products with high potential. An example will be if your company sells cigars which are popular and cost only 10 $ a pop, you can raise their price immediately to 15$. Initially there will be shock in the market where your customer base will start feeling panicked. At that point you will suddenly decrease the price to 12$. Such an action will see the clients to immediately pounce on the product for fear of getting the product before prices are jacked up again, or in relief that the prices have come down. It is a simple marketing psychological strategy.


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