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 Business Tax Issues and Payroll
 Have not filed for a previous tax year yet
 Have a tax levy/lien
 Wages are being garnished
 Received a letter from IRS, claiming I owe them money
 Looking for a Tax Attorney to deal with an IRS Revenue Officer

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Our Expertise:

1)      Tax Negotiation and Settlement
2)      IRS Audit Defense
3)      Reduce - IRS Tax Debt
4)      Defend - Tax Levies and Liens
5)      Stop - Wage Garnishment
6)      Unfiled Tax Returns
7)      Payroll Tax Negotiation
8)      Resolve – Back Taxes
9)      End - Penalties and Interest
10)    Stop - IRS Asset Seizure

We Care:

If you owe the IRS or State back taxes, our experienced SG INC CPA experts will be by your side to assist you step by step in the tax relief process. We understand the stress and anxiety associated with your tax debt issues and can help you make real progress towards solving your tax problems. Having to owe the IRS thousands of dollars is something that has affected the financial status of many Americans. We can help stop collections, penalties, and interest because we believe you deserve a fresh start. SG INC CPA experts take the time to listen to you and help map out the best solution moving forward. We understand that the process can be overwhelming. We are here to help!

The Process:

The journey to successful resolution starts by acknowledging that your IRS tax debt won’t go away on its own.

Step 1:
Free Professional Consultation
We will call you to compile the details of your situation and discuss your options.

Step 2:
Protection and Investigation
Initiate Client Protection immediately (Initiate Stay of Enforcement). Blocks IRS from seizing your assets.
Establish communication with IRS and review case summary options.

Step 3:
Establish IRS compliance and achieve best resolution.

Step 4:
Case Closed
Say goodbye to tax worries and hello to freedom.

Why Us?

1) Experts
Highly experienced team of CPAs, ex-IRS licensed officers and tax attorneys.
2) Damage Control
Stop garnishments, levies & seizures immediately.

3) Secure and Trusted
We value your privacy and take it very seriously. Your information is not shared with any third party. Plus, we provide you a safe and secure site that you can trust.
4) Tough Negotiators
Your success is our success, and we will not back down till the last penny.
5) 100% Service Guarantee
If we can’t help you get the best possible resolution, you will get your money back. No cost – no obligation strategy session and consultation.
6) Honest
After the free consultation (phase 1), we will provide you a detailed analysis of your situation. If we are confident that we can save you money, we will be honest to tell you how much you can expect to save, realistically. Under the scenario where we don’t believe we will be able to save you money – we will tell you so.

IRS is accepting more offers in compromise than ever!


As per the IRS Data Book 2016, the graph shows the increasing rate of accepted offers in compromise. This is the best time to settle your IRS Tax Debt once and for all!

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